1. All birds will be flown to one loft from I-95 North
  1. There will be four race series, 130 Mile, 180 Mile 250 Mile and 350 Mile.
  1. Race dates are subject to change due to weather conditions.
  1. Accepting birds from March 15th to July 31st, 2018. Any birds injured or lost may be replaced by September 30, 2018.
  1. The 350 Mile race will be paid on the first drop and then clocking order. The first drop is considered the first pigeons arriving in one group - if five birds arrived together, the first five prices will be added and divided by 5 equal amounts.
  1. All entered birds must compete in the entire race series unless the bird is physically incapacitated.
  1. Perch fee:
  • $125 per bird


  • 6 birds for $500 or
  • 12 birds for $1,000 or
  • 20 birds for $1,400

Perch fee must accompany birds at shipping No Exception

  1. Entry fee is $300 per bird due after 100 Mile activation race. All entries not paid for will be auctioned, starting at $300 (50% go into the price 50% auction fee) if not purchased they Will Not participate.
  1. Participants must be twenty-one (21) years of age or older to enter.
  1. Visitors are always welcome by appointment only.
  1. A tax identification number recognized by the IRS (W-9 form) will be required prior to awarding of any prizes valued at $600 or more, and such awards will be reported as required by IRS regulations.
  1. Florida Pigeon Derby will hold ABSOLUTELY NO POOLING OR GAMBLING OF ANY TYPE before or during the races, all flyers are flying for the capital prize only.
  1. The final race will remain open for 2 days if no bird is home by the end of the 1st day. If no bird is home by the end of the 2nd day, all prize monies will be refunded minus 15% for race day expenses. There is no dead time; the clock will be running until the race is finished.
  1. During basketing, the breeders will perform all electronic scanning. Absentee owners should contact the management with instructions.
  1. Loft manager reserves the right to refuse entry to any breeder or attendee at his discretion.
  1. Birds will be vaccinated for Paratyphoid, PMV, and POX. All birds will have the 9th and 10th flight pulled and grown in prior to training. Birds with POX will not be accepted.
  1. Not responsible for any birds lost in training or race time, all birds will be equally managed.
  1. Loft manager reserves the right to make all final decisions.
  1. Race dates subject to change due to weather conditions and condition of the birds.
  1. Optional Auction:
    After the final race, breeders have the option to auction off the top birds. The breeder will receive 50% of the final auction selling price.